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Karen Skyers for State Representative, District 61 (Florida House)

Karen Skyers came to the Sunshine State when her parents of Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Jamaican descent moved here. As a bilingual advocate, Karen understands the issues that matter to people of color, no matter what shade of black or brown they may be. Her heritage and the path she's taken in life have taught her that some needs are universal: good jobs, affordable healthcare, good and safe schools, thriving communities. Every one of us wants those. That’s why Karen is running to be your state Representative.

As a former public defender, legislative aide, and legislative advocate, Karen has fought for our community. She was the voice for the defenseless in a courtroom, the knife that cut through the red tape when a constituent was backed into a corner with nowhere to turn, and the fierce champion for local interests when the rich and powerful had other ideas. She fought for families, for the wrongfully accused, for the dying college football player whom coaches ignored as he struggled for breath, and for the rights of people to access affordable legal help to put them on a level playing field.


Karen has three children and two grandchildren for whom she wants to create a better world. See more about her career below.



Affordable Housing

Criminal Justice Reform





Mental Health/Addiction

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Karen Skyers, Democrat, for Florida House of Representatives District 61.

Karen Skyers for State Representative, District 61 (Florida)